Histology-MRI Comparison Work Published in Scientific Reports

One collaboration work between UNIST and PNUYH (Pusan National Univ Yangsan Hospital) has been published in Scientific Reports [1] (an online, open access journal from the publishers of Nature, IF: 5.228).

A collaboration among Prof Jaehyeok Lee (PNUYH), Prof HyungJoon Cho (UNIST), and Prof Se Young Chun (UNIST) recently completed a histology-MRI comparison study. It was possible to carefully identify the relationship between high field MR image contrasts and brain tissue components such as neuromelanins and iron by putting interdisciplinary expertise together from neurology (Prof JH Lee), MR imaging (Prof HJ Cho), and image processing (Prof SY Chun).

Two members of BMIPL (SY Chun, Minh Phuong Nguyen) were participated in this project to develop an image registration algorithm that considers histology preparation steps and to perform statistical correlation analyses.

This collaboration was initiated by the PNUYH-UNIST Joint Research Grant for Biomedical Convergence in 2013. Prof Jaehyeok Lee (PNUYH) and  Prof Se Young Chun (UNIST) were selected as one of the teams (1st place) for this grant with the title “High-field Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Postmortem Brain Tissue and Neuropathological Correlation Study”.

[1] J H Lee+, S Y Baek+, Y K Song, S Lim, H Lee, M P Nguyen, E J Kim, G Y Huh, S Y Chun#, H J Cho#, “The Neuromelanin-related T2* Contrast in Postmortem Human Substantia Nigra with 7T MRI,” Scientific Reports 6, 32647 (2016). (+: Co-First Authors, #: Co-Corresponding Authors) doi:10.1038/srep32647


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