[New Grant] Computer Vision for Robotics

BMIPL will participate in the project, “Development of robotic manipulation algorithm for grasping/assembling with the machine learning using visual and tactile sensing information”, that is lead by KIRO (http://kiro.re.kr/). This project is a collaboration of several teams from KIRO, POSTECH, UNIST, and Oto, working on next generation robots with novel structures, sensors and algorithms. BMIPL will be in charge of computer vision algorithms for robotics. This project started from April 2017, and will proceed until December 2020. MOTIE (Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy) / KEIT (Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology) support this project.

스크린샷 2017-07-09 오전 10.05.07.png
An example of robot grasp from [1].
[1] I. Lenz, H. Lee, and A. Saxena, “Deep learning for detecting robotic grasps,” The International Journal of Robotics Research, vol. 34, no. 4, pp. 705–724, Apr. 2015.


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