[New Grant] Motion Correction / Joint Estimation for TOF PET

BMIPL will start a new project called “Robust motion corrected TOF PET joint estimation of activity, attenuation and nonrigid motion considering inter-/intra-gate motion”, that is supported by MOE (Ministry of Education) / NRF (National Research Foundation of Korea). This project aims to develop various algorithms on joint estimation of activity, attenuation, nonrigid motion, to investigate on motion models for inter-gate and intra-gate and ways to reduce these motions, and to apply them to TOF PET systems. We aim to achieve high spatio-temporal resolution in-vivo TOF PET images for better diagnosis and monitoring. This project will start from June 2017, will proceed until May 2023.

스크린샷 2017-07-09 오전 10.23.33.png


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