Prospective Graduate Students

Thank you for your interest in my medical image processing research at UNIST. I have received so many emails regarding MS or PhD positions in my Lab and I appreciate them. However, I realized that I spend too much time on replying to those emails so that I have less time to spend with my own work or my students. Therefore, from now on, I will reply only to emails of students whom I would like to continue further interview process for potential admission. I am so sorry for this policy, but you will appreciate this when you become one of my students.

The Bio-Medical Image Processing Lab (BMIPL) has 1-2 openings for graduate students who want to pursue MS degrees. Exceptional students who already have good publication records in major signal processing and medical imaging journals can be considered for PhD program. BMIPL’s main focus and strength is developing and analyzing models and algorithms and implementing them in powerful computers for various medical imaging systems and for biometric signals. However, we are also dealing with medical imaging data / biometrics and we are currently working with several major hospitals world-wide for various projects and processing patient data.

Here are current on-going projects:

  • Fast MR reconstruction algorithms for compressive sensing measurements (Supported by UNIST, collaboration with 4 other UNIST labs)
  • Machine learning algorithms for multi-modal biometrics using ECG along with others such as EEG and MSP. (Supported by MSIP / IITP, collaboration with KETI, 2 other UNIST labs, 2 companies)
  • Deep learning algorithms for robot grasp position / orientation estimation (Supported by MOTIE / KEIT, collaboration with KIRO, 2 other UNIST labs, Postech, 1 company)

If you are interested in joining our Lab for the graduate program, feel free to email Se Young Chun with your resume and transcript (sychun at unist dot ac dot kr). However, keep in mind the above new policy. You may not get a reply.


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