Prospective Undergraduate Internship Students

If you are a UNIST undergraduate student who is interested in image processing, computer vision, machine learning, and computational imaging for applications in medical imaging, robotics, and biometrics, then you are more than welcome to try BMIPL’s undergraduate internship.

For your first semester internship, you will be asked to study one research topic and to implement one algorithm with MATLAB or python. This will require you to have good background on programming, probability, linear algebra, and signals and systems. Feel free to email me if you want to know more about detailed projects that you can do for this one semester.

After one semester, you can continue internship at BMIPL if both of us agree to do so. Unlike the first semester internship trial, you will get involved more with on-going projects at BMIPL. This means that you can get closer to opportunities to publish papers (first author or co-author) and to work with outside collaborators such as SNU, PNUYH, Asan Medical Center, KETI, KIRO, Univ of Michigan, and so on. Participating in on-going projects will help you to have tangible experience about research.

You are more than welcome to move to other Labs after one, two, or more semesters’ internship. After finishing your undergraduate internship at BMIPL, you’re more than welcome to go to the graduate program at BMIPL or in other Labs / schools including international institutes. I hope that you will have more options  and opportunities after internship at BMIPL. Of course, you are more than welcome to stay at BMIPL for graduate study after internships if both of us agree to do so.

For those who are not a UNIST student, please note that BMIPL accepts undergraduate interns only through official UNIST programs including the internship program for UNIST undergraduate students, U-SURF / U-WURF programs for undergraduate students in Korea (outside UNIST), and SPIKE program for international undergraduate students. You are more than welcome to apply for one of these programs.

If you are interested in joining our Lab for internships or you want to know more about my research area, feel free to email Se Young Chun with your student ID number (sychun at unist dot ac dot kr).


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